Sunday, November 21, 2004

Some days, it's not so good

The Tobmeister has taken a turn in the wrong direction. She's barely eating, her heart is beating pretty rapidly, her breathing seems labored. One paw has swollen up terribly. I talked to my Mother and she had me test for fluid. The paw is definitely full of fluid and there doesn't seem to be an injury. I think the other one is swelling as well. It looks bigger to me. She won't get up and because her hips are bad, she can barely walk. I carried her outside today...before crap fell out of her butt. Pro-active. I'm going to watch her tonight and I think she'll go to the vet tomorrow. I suspect we're rapidly heading towards the unavoidable, but maybe a diuretic will help. The one tumor is next to her heart and nearly as large as her heart. I suspect it's pressing against her heart and restricting her circulation, hence the swelling. Tomorrow will tell.


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