Saturday, November 06, 2004

Keeping the world safe from shoes

All work dogs must have jobs. Gypsy work dogs are no exception. No shoe is safe from her thievery. Now socks are disappearing at an alarming rate. They are usually recovered from her self-designated lair. We are a good three weeks into the treatment and life has returned to normal here at Camp Dowhachawannado, if there is such a thing. The dinner dance has almost returned. It was proceeded last night by great circles around the living room, which are designed to let me know that it's taking way too long to make her dinner. I expect the scuffing of paws and baying for food will be next on the list. I haven't heard her gack in days, her breath sounds good and she is obviously in good spirits. Today I need to go find some more Essiac. The dairy farmers should be sending us thank you notes for our cottage cheese consumption.


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