Sunday, December 04, 2005

Toby the Gypsy Doberman Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Rest in peace, Gypsy Doberman

Sadly, Toby the Gypsy Doberman has gone to the bridge. The swelling in her paws was a component of the lung cancer. She wouldn't get up at all and started bleeding from her nose. She was deteriorating so quickly that I took her in. I told the vet that I was afraid that she wasn't going to make it through the night. He agreed that it was a real possibility. After some discussion, we decided it would be best to send her off and save her any more suffering. The last thing she heard was my voice telling her that I loved her. Tonight my Gypsy Doberman is stealing shoes in heaven. I hear Jesus is missing a sandal. Rest in peace Toby Doby. You will be missed.

Some days, it's not so good

The Tobmeister has taken a turn in the wrong direction. She's barely eating, her heart is beating pretty rapidly, her breathing seems labored. One paw has swollen up terribly. I talked to my Mother and she had me test for fluid. The paw is definitely full of fluid and there doesn't seem to be an injury. I think the other one is swelling as well. It looks bigger to me. She won't get up and because her hips are bad, she can barely walk. I carried her outside today...before crap fell out of her butt. Pro-active. I'm going to watch her tonight and I think she'll go to the vet tomorrow. I suspect we're rapidly heading towards the unavoidable, but maybe a diuretic will help. The one tumor is next to her heart and nearly as large as her heart. I suspect it's pressing against her heart and restricting her circulation, hence the swelling. Tomorrow will tell.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hacking with the Cancer Dog

Rough night all around for everyone involved. I've got a bad case of the Danville Crud. Everyone at work is coming down with it. Too many of us crammed in a little space waiting for the BONEHEAD Developer to finish a new space that should have been done last week. So my throat is filled with fire and my nose has ceased functioning. Toby has been throwing in some sympathetic gacking. She was up half of the night hacking and gacking. The gack sounds like a sick seal. She finally got out of her bed and laid on the floor, which must have made her more comfortable. She quit gacking. She was obviously not feeling as well this morning. In her defense, the house crapping seems to be a function of elderly dog bowels rather than lazy dog bad intent. This morning I watched both Toby and Xica walk across the room with crap falling out of their butts, neither noticing at all. No wonder I couldn't get anyone to cop to the deed, neither knew they were doing it. And no wonder there was so much, two of them are doing it. Everyone except me is resting now. Toby's breathing was a little labored when she first laid down but she's sleeping soundly now. She's got a weird gurgling thing going on this morning. It's been a little over a month since I found out. I'm surprised at how well she's doing, but I wonder if the tumors are growing, have stopped growing, have moved so that's why she's doing well and they're still growing...hard to say.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

To be the Cancer Dog

Such a life, the life of a Cancer Dog. Extra love, no problem. Special food, no problem. Crap in the house, no...Hey! wait a minute! You have lung cancer, not brain or butt cancer. Crap outside you BEAST! We had some hacking last week. Not a lot but more than had been. It seems to have gone away. The store didn't have Essiac, but they did have Flor-Essence, which is, uh, essentially the same thing. Apparently there are some claims on the Essiac box that aren't allowed in the Whole Foods, whole wallet grocery chain. Actually, the Essiac was purchased at a rather shadey Health Food store. I wouldn't be surprised if the lady was bringing it in from Canada illegally. We all know about the sub-quality drugs those Canadians take...but I digress. Back to the Tobemeister, she is spending much of her time hanging out in the office, which is fine because Dan and his two 130lb beasts seem to live in my office. She bitches out Murphy at every opportunity, even though he's the least obtrusive of the three. Such is the life of the Cancer Dog.

Monday, November 08, 2004

The gack is back

Yeah, the gack is back. Not as bad as it was, but she gacked a couple of times yesterday and twice that I heard during the night. The weather has turned here and it's quite cold at night, down into the 30's and then warms up to the 70's during the day. That might be inspiring the change, or not. It could be things I don't like to think about. She's still in fine spirits. We're almost through the Essiac. I got a bottle of Flor-Essence, which is supposedly the same thing, at Whole Foods yesterday. We'll see how that goes.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Keeping the world safe from shoes

All work dogs must have jobs. Gypsy work dogs are no exception. No shoe is safe from her thievery. Now socks are disappearing at an alarming rate. They are usually recovered from her self-designated lair. We are a good three weeks into the treatment and life has returned to normal here at Camp Dowhachawannado, if there is such a thing. The dinner dance has almost returned. It was proceeded last night by great circles around the living room, which are designed to let me know that it's taking way too long to make her dinner. I expect the scuffing of paws and baying for food will be next on the list. I haven't heard her gack in days, her breath sounds good and she is obviously in good spirits. Today I need to go find some more Essiac. The dairy farmers should be sending us thank you notes for our cottage cheese consumption.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ah, the life of a Gypsy Doberman

The night before last Toby barked for her dinner. She hadn't done that in over a month. I figured it hurt to bark, or aggravated her or something. Dan informed me that she didn't gack at all yesterday. I've noticed she isn't gacking at all at night anymore. She's back to stealing shoes, she has two of mine and one of Dan's. She won't let Beauregard sit next to me, she's coming around to get her love again. I don't know if this means the tumors are subsiding or they're growing in a different direction or stopped growing and have settled. I'm curious, but it's too close to the last X-ray to take another, only three weeks. She's eating like normal, mean as usual, and has taken to crapping in the house, from time to time, even when the back door is wide open. She's always been a bit of a snot...