Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hacking with the Cancer Dog

Rough night all around for everyone involved. I've got a bad case of the Danville Crud. Everyone at work is coming down with it. Too many of us crammed in a little space waiting for the BONEHEAD Developer to finish a new space that should have been done last week. So my throat is filled with fire and my nose has ceased functioning. Toby has been throwing in some sympathetic gacking. She was up half of the night hacking and gacking. The gack sounds like a sick seal. She finally got out of her bed and laid on the floor, which must have made her more comfortable. She quit gacking. She was obviously not feeling as well this morning. In her defense, the house crapping seems to be a function of elderly dog bowels rather than lazy dog bad intent. This morning I watched both Toby and Xica walk across the room with crap falling out of their butts, neither noticing at all. No wonder I couldn't get anyone to cop to the deed, neither knew they were doing it. And no wonder there was so much, two of them are doing it. Everyone except me is resting now. Toby's breathing was a little labored when she first laid down but she's sleeping soundly now. She's got a weird gurgling thing going on this morning. It's been a little over a month since I found out. I'm surprised at how well she's doing, but I wonder if the tumors are growing, have stopped growing, have moved so that's why she's doing well and they're still growing...hard to say.


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