Sunday, October 31, 2004

Treating the untreatable

Don't tell me there is nothing to do. I went to the Special Needs Doberman people and asked for their suggestions. A plethora of information came to my inbox. Overwhelming really. I printed it all out, spread it out on the desk and researched every suggestion. Some stuff is very mind boggling. I thought that doing everything would make her sicker, so I chose the following tack, which so far has proven to be very successful. That is why this blog has been started, to document how this goes for other pet lovers faced with similar dilemna. Here is a list of the suggestions, at the end, I'll say what we're doing.

Ozonated olive oil -
Essiac -
Organic cottage cheese -1/4 cup per day with 1 lbsp Omega flo or flaxseed oil-

I decided to feed her organic cottage cheese and flaxseed oil with Essiac. I started this on October 18th. The gacking has gone from every 10 minutes to twice a day. She doesn't seem as sad as she was, I gave her back rubs as I thought the hacking was making the muscles in her back sore. I would like to go to BARF, but with three dogs, and a full time job, it's going to take some planning. I hope to work that out in the next week or so. If one gets BARF, they're all going to want it. It is suspected that the sugars in kibble cause the tumors to grow. There are many other advantages to BARF and I've been considering it for about a year. It might be time. Speaking of time...we're now in REAL TIME! I hope to keep this going so other folks can benefit from our experiences.


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