Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ah, the life of a Gypsy Doberman

The night before last Toby barked for her dinner. She hadn't done that in over a month. I figured it hurt to bark, or aggravated her or something. Dan informed me that she didn't gack at all yesterday. I've noticed she isn't gacking at all at night anymore. She's back to stealing shoes, she has two of mine and one of Dan's. She won't let Beauregard sit next to me, she's coming around to get her love again. I don't know if this means the tumors are subsiding or they're growing in a different direction or stopped growing and have settled. I'm curious, but it's too close to the last X-ray to take another, only three weeks. She's eating like normal, mean as usual, and has taken to crapping in the house, from time to time, even when the back door is wide open. She's always been a bit of a snot...


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