Saturday, November 13, 2004

To be the Cancer Dog

Such a life, the life of a Cancer Dog. Extra love, no problem. Special food, no problem. Crap in the house, no...Hey! wait a minute! You have lung cancer, not brain or butt cancer. Crap outside you BEAST! We had some hacking last week. Not a lot but more than had been. It seems to have gone away. The store didn't have Essiac, but they did have Flor-Essence, which is, uh, essentially the same thing. Apparently there are some claims on the Essiac box that aren't allowed in the Whole Foods, whole wallet grocery chain. Actually, the Essiac was purchased at a rather shadey Health Food store. I wouldn't be surprised if the lady was bringing it in from Canada illegally. We all know about the sub-quality drugs those Canadians take...but I digress. Back to the Tobemeister, she is spending much of her time hanging out in the office, which is fine because Dan and his two 130lb beasts seem to live in my office. She bitches out Murphy at every opportunity, even though he's the least obtrusive of the three. Such is the life of the Cancer Dog.


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